Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble
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Hurray! It's a mischief making day for baby Hazel. She and her brother Matt are attended by nanny as mom and dad are out for some work. Nanny is either busy taking naps or attending her personal phone calls. Baby Hazel plays tricky games so that nanny is not occupied with her personal work and attends the needs of her little brother on time. Play the game to know how baby Hazel troubles nanny!

Baby Hazel troubles her sibling

Nanny takes a small nap and leaves the kids unattended. Join baby Hazel to play smart tricks to keep nanny awake, so that she fulfill needs of toddler on time.

Baby Hazel mess up living area

Nanny prepares and feed children with some yummy meal. In between, nanny receives a phone call and she leaves baby Matt unattended. Fulfill the needs of baby Hazel in troubling nanny.

Baby Hazel mischievous behavior

After a yummy meal, baby Hazel and baby Matt are busy playing games. Meanwhile, nanny gets time to take care of herself and attend her personal calls. Help baby Hazel to play enjoyable tricks to disturb her nanny.

Baby Hazel having fun at night

Its late night and nanny instruct the little ones to go to bed. Enjoy some fun-filled activities done by princess in dark to trouble her care taker.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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