Baby Hazel Goes Sick
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It's bright sun outside but our cheerful Baby Hazel, who always wake up early morning is still sleeping. Seems as she is not keeping well. Oh my gosh! She is having high fever along with cold and cough. Rush to doctor for the medical aid. Be with Hazel to pamper her, while medical check-up is going on. Pay heed to all her requirements and make her happy.

Baby Hazel fall sick

Sun rays are peeping inside Hazel's room through window but she is still sleeping. It seems she is not well. Use thermometer to check her body temperature. Oh, body temperature is high, take Hazel to the doctor immediately.

Baby Hazel medical check-up

Baby Hazel is suffering from high fever. Rush to doctor's clinic for the treatment. Play a doctor's role and check her heart beats and body temperature. Once done with check-up, prescribe her proper medicines.

Baby Hazel coughing

Body temperature of adorable Hazel is getting normal with medicine but she is down with cough and cold. Give her cough syrup and an injection for a quick recovery. Hope our darling Hazel gets well soon.

Baby Hazel injured arm

Hey kids! Did you notice a wound on Hazel's arm. Clean the affected area and dress the wound. Don't miss to fulfill the needs of Hazel so that she don't cry.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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