Baby Hazel Valentines Day
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Yuppie! It's Valentine's Day. It's the season of love and romance. Baby Hazel is keen to celebrate Valentine's Day with her Mom and Dad along with Grandpa, little Matt and her pets. As her parents are out, she along with her Grandpa plans to surprise parents by arranging party and makes gifts. Wanna know what she gifts them? And what else she does to surprise her parents? Play this love imbued game along with Hazel and keep an eye on her and Grandpa's needs. Help her in completing all tasks before her parents drops in. Sshh! Baby Hazel wants to surprise them. So, hurry up! Celebrate this Valentine's Day with Baby Hazel and her family.

Baby Hazel is playing with toys

It's bright sunny day. Hazel, Grandpa and Little Matt are Hall. Grandpa is busy reading newspaper whereas little Matt is having his sweet nap. Baby Hazel is engrossed playing with toys. Meanwhile, Hazel's parents drop in and invite her to come along with them to celebrate Valentine's Day. Let's see what she says and what is there in her mind.

Baby Hazel making hand made gift for her parents

Ooh! Little Hazel ignores going with parents. Seems something is cooking in her mind. In the absence of her parents she is planning to organize surprise Valentine's party for them. She requests her Grandpa to help her in surprising her parents when they return. Help Hazel in making gifts for her parents. Little Hazel has something for Grandpa too; help her in packing gift for Grandpa secretly. Hurry up! She has lots of tasks to complete.

It's time to clean the terrace and decorate it

Hush! Baby Hazel is done with her gifts. Now it's time to clean the terrace and decorate it. Wow! The view of sea is perfect for lunch too. Help Grandpa and Hazel in cleaning the terrace, decorate and set the dining table with scrumptious menu. Mom and Dad may drop in anytime, so have to complete these tasks as soon as possible.

Baby Hazel gives surprise to Mom and Dad

Hazel and Grandpa are done with the decoration and have set the table as well. Wow! The terrace looks perfect venue for party now. Oh! Mom and Dad have come in; it's time to surprise them. Fulfil all the demands of Hazel and her family and ensure they are contented throughout. Have a romantic and blissful Valentine's Day with Baby Hazel and her family.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.

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