Baby Hazel In Kitchen
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Little Hazel turns to be chef today and wants to try her hand in cooking. Enjoy shopping utensils and ingredients with Hazel required for preparing meal. Take an extra care of Hazel as she is first involving in cooking activity. When food is ready, be with her to set up dinning table. Once done, then don't wait for ant thing and just start feasting at tasty meal cooked by Hazel.

Baby Hazel kitchen supplies shopping

Today Baby Hazel wants to try her skills in kitchen and cook some healthy food for herself. Can you help her in buying utensils, fruits, vegetables, and spices required for cooking her favorite dish.

Baby Hazel cooks meal

Now Baby Hazel is having all the utensils and ingredients required for cooking yummy and healthy vegetable soup and pureed apples. Help little angel in cooking her meal.

Baby Hazel set up dinning table

Hazel has proved herself to be a good cook. Meal cooked by her seems to be very delicious. Food is ready and Hazel has to set up the dinning table now. Help her in arranging the dinner set and serving bowls on the table.

Baby Hazel enjoys meal

Hmm, mouth-watering meal is ready to be savored. Feed Hazel with her favorite food. Don't forget to fulfill the need of cute little pet as he has been waiting long for Hazel to have meal together. Enjoy meal with Hazel!


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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