Baby Hazel Easter Fun
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Hurray! It's Easter Sunday. Baby hazel is eggs-tremely excited as she will be participating in Easter rally along with her pets and friends. She has many plans for the day and has to get ready for the rally. But before that Baby Hazel wishes to make beautiful Easter Goody Basket with colorful Easter eggs. Be with Baby Hazel and have a joyous day. Happy Easter!!!

Baby Hazel excited about Easter Day

Today, it's not just ordinary Sunday but its Easter Sunday. Baby Hazel is awake and has plans to celebrate this day with numerous activities. To start with, she is waiting for cutie Coco hen to lay eggs. To pass time, Hazel is spending time at backyard itself. Be with Baby Hazel and fulfill her desires till she collects eggs from Coco.

Baby Hazel prepares Easter Eggs

Wow! Baby Hazel has finally collected eggs from her hen Coco. Now she is in kitchen to prepare colorful Easter eggs. Wanna know she prepares it? Then play this level and help Baby Hazel in preparing it.

Baby Hazel makes Easter Goody Basket

Hush! Baby Hazel is prepared marvelous Easter Eggs and now she has to make Easter Goody Basket. Help Baby Hazel make traditional Easter Goody Basket. Get all the necessary materials needed for decorating basket.

Baby Hazel gets ready for Easter Rally

Whoopee! Baby hazel is all set to participate in Easter rally held in her town. She is done with all the other activities and now it's time for her and pets to get ready. Help Baby Hazel getting all her pets dressed for the rally before she gets ready. Celebrate this festive Easter Day with Baby Hazel. Happy Easter!


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.

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