Baby Hazel Christmas Surprise
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Christmas time is here again! Baby Hazel and friends are eagerly waiting for Santa Claus to come and give them presents. Santa has brought gifts for all the kids in his magical toy bag. Oh no! But Hazel's gift is missing. Santa has lost Hazel's gift somewhere in North Pole. Let's join Santa and kids to enjoy a sleigh ride to snow-clad North Pole and help them to find Hazel's lost gift.

Help kids to send wish list to Santa Claus

Baby Hazel and friends have been awaiting the Christmas Day so that they can get their favorite toy as a gift from Santa. Can you help the kids to send their wish list to Santa Claus? Let's see what gifts have kids asked for from Santa.

Baby Hazel awaiting Christmas gift

It's a night before Christmas. Baby Hazel and baby Matt are not ready to sleep. Siblings are eagerly waiting for Santa and his secret Christmas gifts. Can put little siblings to sleep?

Santa Claus distributes gifts to kids

HO HO HO! Santa Claus has reached to distribute presents to kids. All the kids are happy to get their favorite gifts but there is no gift for darling Hazel. Did Santa forget to wrap a gift for Hazel? Let's check it out!

Search for Hazel's gift in North Pole

Gosh! Santa Claus has lost Hazel's gift somewhere in North Pole. Guess what! North Pole is covered with snow and it is tough to find Hazel's gift. Can you help Santa and kids to find Hazel's gift and make her celebration a merrymaking?


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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