Baby Hazel Fancy Dress
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Baby Hazel is too excited to participate in fancy dress competition held at her school. To dress up as per Birds And Animals-themed competition, Hazel decides to look cute in peacock costume. Help mom and Hazel to purchase the necessities required for designing the costume. Then help them in tailoring the peacock costumes and making related accessories. Lastly, get Hazel ready for the competition. And yes, don't miss to watch a play enacted by kids to convey an important message!

Baby Hazel shops for costume necessities

Such a delightful day for Baby Hazel as she is going to participate in fancy dress competition. The theme is Birds and Animals, so our cute princess has a brilliant idea of dressing up in a peacock costume. Join mom and Hazel for shopping the necessities required to design costume.

Baby Hazel designs peacock costumes

Great! Shopping is done. Now its time for mom and Baby Hazel to show off their creative skills in designing a perfect peacock costume and related accessories. Help them in completing the task by paying heed to their needs.

Baby Hazel gets ready for the competition

Peacock costumes are ready! Now help Hazel in dressing up in peacock costume and accessories. Apply beautiful peacock shades on Hazel to give her a cute look of a bird. Make sure, she gets ready on time. Fulfill all her demands to make her happy.

Baby Hazel fancy dress competition

Baby Hazel and other students are looking cute in birds and animals costumes. Each student performs on the stage by introducing themselves as a national bird and animal of different country. They also play a drama to convey a message of saving wildlife. Enjoy the play!


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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