Baby Hazel Helping Time
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Baby Hazel adores her family a lot. Today she has decided to help her family members in completing their daily chores. But she needs your guidance in completing all the activities. Can you help her? Pay heed to all the needs of Hazel so that she completes each work perfectly and her family appreciates her efforts. Enjoy happy helping time with Hazel!

Enjoy playful time with Hazel and Matt

Mom is a bit busy. Help Hazel to keep Matt happy by fulfilling all his requirements and giving him a joyful time.

Help dad to get ready for office

Dad is getting ready for the office. Help Hazel to pack office bag and iron clothes for dad.

Wash car for dad

Dad's car is so dirty. Let's join Hazel to help her in washing the car and make it sparkling clean.

Make garage tidy with Hazel

IOh no! Garage is such a mess. Can you assist Hazel in clearing all the mess and make garage neat and tidy.

Help mom in kitchen

Let's make mom happy! Help Hazel in washing and cleaning the utensils so that mom feels proud of her little princess.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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