Baby Hazel Puppy Care
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Do you love puppies? Our Baby Hazel too loves her pet puppy, Bruno a lot. Today, she is in a mood to pamper Bruno with delicious treat and build kennel for him. Let's join Hazel to help her in bathing puppy and serving him food of his choice. Then go along with Hazel to pet shop and buy stuff required for building doghouse. Finally, assist Hazel in building and painting a beautiful house for Bruno.

Baby Hazel enjoys playing at the backyard

Baby Hazel enjoys playing her favorite games at backyard. Let's join Hazel to have fun playing games and watering the plants.

Baby Hazel bathe Bruno

Oh no! Naughty Bruno has become so messy. Assist Hazel bathing cute little Bruno. Don't forget to dry and brush his fur.

Baby Hazel feeds Bruno

Bruno's belly is empty and he wants a tasty treat. Help Hazel to feed Bruno his favorite food.

Baby Hazel and Bruno shopping time

Wow! Baby Hazel has decided to build a beautiful kennel for Bruno. Go along with Hazel and Bruno to pet house and buy the required supplies for kennel.

Baby Hazel builds doghouse

Baby Hazel is back to home with all the stuff. Now let's join Hazel to build a beautiful doghouse for Bruno. Pick the shades of your choice to paint it. Have fun!


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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