Baby Hazel African Safari
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Baby Hazel and her parents along with Bruno have gone on holiday to South Africa. After experiencing the beautiful scenic of Cape Town, they have decided to spend a night in the jungle safari tent. Isn't that exciting? Do you want to be part of this jungle adventure? Join Baby Hazel and her family and taste the wilderness of the Jungle. You need to be careful as jungles are a bit risky for young girls like Baby Hazel. Be with the little one and help in her needs. Make sure she does not get lost in the wilds.

Baby Hazel going on holiday to South Africa

Wow!! Baby Hazel and her parents have flown to South Africa. Today they have halted in a safari tent. Join them to experience the jungle adventure. You need to keep an eye on Hazel or otherwise she may get herself lost in the tropical forest.

Baby Hazel lost in jungle

Oops!! How sad it is to know that Baby Hazel didn't follow dad's advice. She went far away from the tent looking for Bruno. Did she realize that she is lost in the jungle? Be with darling Hazel in this needy time as she may get scared of the darkness in the wilds. Look for her needs and keep her happy by fulfilling them.

Baby Hazel got help of tribal boy to reach her parents

Great! Baby Hazel has finally got help of a tribal boy to reach her parents. After enjoying the elephant ride, the tribal boy and Hazel have become friends. He has invited Hazel to hut to show his new friend to parents. Play and see what happens next.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.

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