Baby Hazel Fishing Time
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Yuppie! It is time to go fishing! Today Baby Hazel's uncle is going to take our little angel for fishing. So she is very busy getting ready for the new adventure. Do you want to go fishing with Baby Hazel and Uncle John? If yes, first of all you need to help Baby Hazel to pack required essentials for fishing. Then be with them while they do fishing together. Keep Baby Hazel and Uncle John happy by fulfilling their needs on time. Happy fishing with Baby Hazel!!

Baby Hazel getting ready for fishing


Baby Hazel requests her Uncle John to take her for fishing after reading book on Fishing'. Help her in convincing Uncle John to take her for fishing. Yuppie! Baby Hazel has successfully managed her Uncle John to take her for fishing. As now they are going for fishing, they have to get all necessary things concerned with fishing activity. Help Hazel in collecting all items and pack them neatly including mom made food box and head towards fishing venue.

Help Baby Hazel to arrange everything



Baby Hazel and Uncle John have reached fishing venue. Help them in setting everything right before commencing fishing activity. See whom she meets and gets cozy while starting with fishing. Get to know more about what she does with her new friend.

Baby Hazel try to catch fish



Wow! Now it's time for Hazel to learn fishing. Uncle John gives her fishing pole tied with fish food. Hazel is enjoying fishing and feeding fishes too. Help Hazel in fishing along with Uncle John and see whether Hazel manages to fish successfully or not.




Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.


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