Baby Hazel Hair Care
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Baby Hazel long hairs are really tough to manage. Moreover, improper hair care has resulted dandruff on her scalp. She needs to trim her hairs, along with an effective dandruff treatment. Fulfill the needs of Hazel and keep her happy by offering her toys while trimming, dandruff treatment and having body and hair wash.

Baby Hazel hair cut

Hey! Hairs of Baby Hazel has grown too long and she unable to manage them. She needs trimming of hairs so that proper haircare can be taken. While trimming hairs of Hazel, distract her attention by giving some toys as haircut is not less then a nightmare for her.

Baby Hazel dandruff treatment

As Hazel hairs were grown too long, proper hair care was not done, resulting dandruff on her scalp. Give her a dandruff treatment which begins with a soothing massage followed by combing of hairs to flake off dandruff.

Baby Hazel shower

After a haircare treatment, Baby Hazel needs to freshen up. Give her a gentle shower and make her happy by putting toys in her bath tub. Apply mild shampoo and soap on her delicate hairs and skin. Remove the tangles of hair using comb and tie two tails with colorful bands. Dress up with a nice dress.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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