Baby Hazel Doctor Play
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Baby Hazel is goes to a mall for shopping with her mother. She buys a doctor play set. But suddenly her teddy gets injured while playing. Play this game to help Hazel be a good doctor and treat her teddy with medicines and love.

Baby Hazel buys new toy

Baby Hazel and her mother go for shopping to the mall. Play this level to help them shop. Let's see how Baby Hazel convinces her mother to buy new toys and what she buys?

Baby Hazel Katie messes new toy

Baby Hazel is all set to play with her new toy. Baby Hazel is very happy to pamper her new teddy. But suddenly Katie feels ignored and she attacks her new toy in jealous. Hazel's teddy gets injured and she is very upset. Let's see what Hazel does further to heal her teddy

Baby Hazel cures her toy

Now it's time for Hazel to cure her teddy. Grab her doctor set for giving treatment to teddy. Help Baby Hazel heal her teddy with the help of her new Doctor set. Pay heed to all her needs that complete the treatment. Watch out how Hazel treats her teddy and gets him well.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.

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