Baby Hazel Grandparents Day
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Hurray! Today is Grandparents' Day. On this special occasion, Baby Hazel's preschool has invited the kids along with their grandparents. Let's join Hazel and friends to celebrate grandparents' Day along with their grandpa and granny. Help kids to perform dance and magic show and entertain their grandparents. Enjoy making Family Tree with Hazel. Happy Grandparents' Day!

Invite grandparents with Baby Hazel

Baby Hazel wants to celebrate Grandparents' Day with her granny and grandpa. Can you help Hazel to invite her grandparents for the celebration?

Plan a surprise for grandparents

Baby Hazel and Matt are eagerly waiting for their grandparents. Siblings are planning a great surprise for their loving granny and grandpa. Let's check out.

Enjoy Tasty meal on Grandparents' Day

Wow! Baby Hazel's grandparents have reached home. Mom have prepared delicious variety of delicacies for them let's help Hazel in setting up the dining table. Fulfill everyone's need during meal time to keep them happy.

Enjoy making family tree with kids and their grandparents

It's time to have fun with grandparents and their grandkids. Let's join Baby Hazel and friends to complete the family tree with the help of grandparents and enjoy other fun-filled activities them.

Enjoy awesome performances by kids

Wow! Baby Hazel and friends are enjoying Grandparents' Day celebration with their grandparents. And now its time to entertain our special guests. Assist Hazel and friends in giving awesome performances during the celebration.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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