Baby Hazel Goldfish
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Wow!! Baby Hazel is happy to possess a goldfish which luckily fells from stork's beak in the tank. Hazel and Liam are willing to keep this pet with them but they need someone's help to take care of fish. Can you help them? Also help Hazel and Liam to purchase fish tank and items required to decorate it. Join Hazel and her friends to play with Goldie.

Baby Hazel new pet

Baby Hazel and Liam are busy playing some interesting games in backyard garden. Suddenly, they notices a stork flies down with something in her beak and dropped it in a water tub. Check out what was it which excited Hazel and Liam a lot.

Baby Hazel fish tank

Wow! Hazel is too happy to have a possession of goldfish, whom she named Goldie. Now she wants to build fish tank for her new pet. Can you take Hazel and Liam to market for purchasing accessories required for fish tank?

Baby Hazel decorates fish tank

Hazel and Liam enjoyed shopping accessories for fish tank. Now they are excited to decorate the fish tank and make it a perfect place for goldfish to live in. Both are too young, so they need your guidance in arranging the accessories in fish tank. Just be with kids to help them.

Baby Hazel with Goldie

Goldie is happy in her new home. Hazel and her pets want to play with the new pet member in house. Play the game to know what games Baby Hazel and her pets enjoyed with goldfish. Also take care that over feeding is not done to fish, else she may fall sick.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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