Baby Hazel Alien Friend
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A cute guest from space has arrived at Baby Hazel's door steps. It's an adorable little alien. Baby Hazel needs your help to look after the little Alien. But Hazel is too young to complete alien care activities and needs your help. Can you help Baby Hazel to take a good care of alien and help him to go back to his home planet? Enjoy a blissful day with Baby Hazel and alien!

Baby Hazel gets a surprise parcel

The door bell rings and Baby Hazel curiously opens the door to check who is the guest. Oh! She receives a surprise parcel. Let's help Hazel to open the parcel and see what's inside it.

Help Hazel to put alien to sleep

Little alien had been traveling over the planet and is now tired. Can you help Baby Hazel to put him to sleep by playing lullabies?

Help Hazel to bathe and feed alien

Sun has risen and it's a bright day today. Little alien is still fast sleep. Help Hazel to wake him and then give him a refreshing shower. Alien's belly is empty. Help Hazel to prepare and feed him favorite food. Make sure little alien is stomach full and enjoys his meal.

Assist Hazel in locating alien's planet

Alien is happy to be with Baby Hazel but he is also missing his family a lot. Can you assist Baby Hazel in operating the spaceship so that alien can fly back to his home planet?


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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