Baby Hazel in Preschool
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Today is Baby Hazel s first day at the preschool. Baby Hazel is in a playful mood and not interested to go. Convince Baby Hazel and get her ready to go to the preschool. When she is in the preschool with other kids, help them perform different activities by fulfilling their needs.

Check hint bubbles to know the needs of Baby Hazel and others. Fulfill their needs quickly to earn bonus points. You lose the game if you make the kids cry.

Get ready to goto school

Today is Baby Hazel's first day at the preschool. She has woken up but in a playful mood. Convince Baby Hazel to get ready to go to preschool. Give her a quick shower followed by a healthy breakfast.

Baby Hazel at preschool

Now Baby Hazel is in the preschool. Help Baby Hazel and other kids in performing different activities. Make sure they learn while playing and never get bored. Make sure that kids learn to socialize and care for each other.

Snack break at preschool

Now it is break time and kids are snacking together. To make their snack time fun, Mam is showing how to make shapes using food items. Help Baby Hazel to follow Mam's instructions carefully to create funny foods of different shapes.

Now it is Playtime at preschool

Finally it is play time. Help Baby Hazel and other kids play different games in the play area.


Use mouse interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!

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