Baby Hazel Naughty Cat
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Meow! Baby Hazel's little cat is becoming too notorious these days. Hazel is very fond of her cutie cat and pampers her every day. She loves being around her mischievous naughty cat. As Hazel is at home, she has decided to spend her whole day with Katy. Help Hazel in giving Katy bath. Little Katy is not just notorious but gets very angry soon. Be with Hazel and keep an eye on little Katy!

Naughty Katy is sleeping and dreaming

Hazel has planned to spend her whole day with her naughty cat, Katy. Hazel wants to give Katy a nice warm bath whereas Katy hates bathing. Katy is not just notorious but is also indolent cat; help Baby Hazel in convincing Katy for bath. Also help Hazel in setting Katy's bath tub ready. Keep pampering little Katy and tempt her by showing fake mouse to convince her for bath.

Baby Hazel Give bath to Katy

Wow! Hazel has successfully managed to give bath to notorious Katy. Now it's time to get naughty cat ready. Help Baby Hazel in drying the furry cat and then get her ready. Also help her in trimming Katy's nails. Pick nice collar and hair-bow for Katy.

Its Katy makeover time

Awe! Katy looks cute. Now Katy is feeling fresher and is in mischievous mood after bath. It's also Katy's meal time. Help Hazel in pampering Katy and feeding favorite food. After the meal, help Hazel in keeping Katy busy in playing so that she does not trouble the fish. Have a blissful day along with Baby Hazel and naughty Katy.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and Katy.

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