Baby Hazel Gardening Time
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Gardening is truly a great fun! Baby Hazel has lot of interest in gardening and wishes to grow some plants at her backyard garden. Help her in knowing the basic needs for growing plants. Select tools and costumes for her which she needs while gardening. Have a great time with Hazel while digging soil, sowing seeds and watering the plant. And yes, also help our darling Hazel in making beautiful bouquet of veggies and roses for her mom.

Baby Hazel learns gardening basics

Our dear Hazel is fond of gardening. Help her in learning about four basic requirements of plant and selecting tools and supplies for growing plant. Also guide her with essential costumes and accessories required for gardening.

Baby Hazel grows rose plants

Hazel is now well aware about the basic requirements for growing plants and tools used in gardening. Help her in growing rose plant by digging soil, planting seed and watering it. Also don't forget to spray insecticide on vegetables to kill insects. Later, give shower to veggies and collect them in a basket.

Baby Hazel gardening test

Gardening is done but has Hazel learned all the basics of it. Let's test her! Join her to match the right object related to the activity. Select the tool and drag it in the related box.

Baby Hazel bouquet making

Baby Hazel enjoyed gardening. Now she wants to surprise her mom with bouquet of veggies and flowers which she collected from the garden. Help her in bouquet-making.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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