Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination
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Today Baby Matt has to get vaccinated. Little Hazel is little worried as she will first time see Matt being vaccinated. Can you help Baby Hazel in getting cute little Matt ready for the hospital? Be quick so that kids do not miss doctor's appointment. Help Hazel in comforting Matt during his vaccination. Have fun with siblings!

Baby Hazel wakes up Matt

Matt is still sleeping in his crib! He will be late for vaccination. Can you help Baby Hazel to wake up Matt with lovable touch? Be careful, don't make him cry.

Give a bubbly bath to Matt

It's time to soak Matt in mild bubbles. Help Hazel to fill bath tub with warm water and bathe Matt using baby soap. Make his shower time enjoyable by offering him cute toys.

Make Matt look cute

Wow! Matt is feeling fresh. Now let's help our darling Hazel to dress up Matt in soft costume and accessories. Handle little infant carefully while dressing him up.

Matt gets vaccination

Superb! Baby Hazel and Matt are not late for hospital. Oh! Little infant started crying as he felt the pain of injection. Can help Hazel to play tricks to bring smile on her brother's face?


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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