Baby Hazel Hair Day
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Oh no! What has Matt done. He has squeezed a glue tube on Baby Hazel's head. Her hair have become untidy and rough. Give Hazel a gentle hair wash using mild shampoo and conditioner. And now it's time for Baby Hazel to look gorgeous in trendy hairstyles. Show off your creative skills and braid fab hairstyles for Hazel using colorful hair accessories. Finally, style up Baby Hazel in trendy outfits and accessories.

Give hair treatment to Baby Hazel

Baby Hazel's hair have become messy and untidy. Little princess needs a quick hair wash. Can you help her? Use mild shampoo and conditioner to wash Hazel's hair to get back the soft and shinny hair. But before hair wash, don't forget to massage the scalp to loosen the glue.

Braid trendy hairstyle for Baby Hazel

Wow! Baby Hazel's hair have become so soft and silky. Now try different hairstyles on Hazel just the way you want. Create an amazing hairdo for Hazel using colorful and trendy hair accessories. Choose from dozens of outfits, jewelery and shoes to help Hazel look glamorous. Keep Hael happy by fulfilling all her needs.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.

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