Baby Hazel Earth Day
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Baby Hazel needs to know the importance of how to maintain environment. As its World Earth Day', let's help Baby Hazel in learning more about this annual event to protect environment. The Day is celebrated to promote green environment by saving plants, electricity and many more. Baby Hazel is curious to participate in this event held at nearby park. Play this game to know what Baby Hazel does on this day. Join hands with Baby Hazel and go green!

Lets Know Little about Earth Day: This Annual event was launched on April 22 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, Denis Hayers and Paul Erlich for global awareness. Today this event is observed in more than 170 countries who work together to protect environment. The event spread the awareness of practice of recycling, use of energy efficient forms of energy, not littering the environment, handover recyclable materials to recycling center, do not waste water, reduce fuel emissions, etc. As kids are future of every nation, it is ergo as important to teach them Earth Day practices for better green future. Share activities like planting trees, arrange earth day party, host a beach, prepare litter-less meal, read Eco-facts, swap event, make bird or feeding houses nearby and many more. Lets save our only Earth by being more responsible towards our environment!

Baby Hazel Saving Electricity and Natural Resource

It's bright shinny morning. Baby Hazel is a brainy child and she learns things adroitly. Today she is in playful mood but her mom has some other plans for her. Her mom has planned to teach her importance of saving electricity and saving natural resource. Be with adorable Baby Hazel and learn more about environment protection.

Baby Hazel Planting and Recycling Stuffs

Wow! Baby Hazel is at her terrace with her mom. Here, mom wants her darling Baby Hazel to know more about recycling products which is a vital part of protecting the environment. Join this recycling session with Baby Hazel by playing this level.

Baby Hazel Celebrating Earth Day In Park

Baby Hazel gets invitation of Earth Day Celebration at nearby park by her friend Akito. Baby Hazel is eager to participate in this annual event which spreads the awareness of green surrounding. Be with little Hazel and her friends in cleaning the park and distributing the stuffs into trash, fertilizer and recycle. Have fun. Happy Earth Day!!!


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.

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