Baby Hazel Pet Care
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As Baby Hazel opened the gate to enter her home, she found something lovely! It is a snow-white rabbit, who is stuck in mud. Hazel is too young to take care of delicate bunny, so kids help her in pet care activities like bathing, feeding and building pet home. Accompany Hazel and her pet in playing some interesting outdoor games at backyard garden.

Baby Hazel posses a rabbit

Great! Baby Hazel suddenly saw a cute little rabbit in front of her home. He is in trouble and stuck in mud. Help Hazel in getting rabbit out of mud.

Baby Hazel rabbit bath

Awe! So sweet, Baby Hazel has decided to provide shelter to the Rabbit. She has named him honey bunny. Rabbit is messed with mud, so Hazel plans to give a warm water shower to her new pet. Be with little princess while she gives bath to delicate bunny.

Baby Hazel feeds rabbit

After a refreshing bath, Rabbit is clean and tidy. Now he is very hungry and waiting for Hazel to feed him. Help Hazel in feeding bunny with his favorite food such as carrot, lettuce, rabbit food and milk.

Baby Hazel rabbit home

Honey bunny is happy to have his favorite food. He is tried and jumping here and there in search of his home to take rest. Hazel has collected material required to build home for her new pet. Kids help little angel in building rabbit's home.

Baby Hazel Play Time

After some relaxing hours, Baby Hazel and bunny are in a mood to play at the backyard garden. Keep them happy by fulfilling their requirements. .


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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