Baby Hazel in Disneyland
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Hooray! Baby Hazel's parents want to give her a memorable holiday treat, in the Disneyland! Baby Hazel is so much excited and joyous about her first visit to the most amazing amusement park. Help Baby Hazel to pack the required stuffs. Take her to the Disneyland and enjoy different activities with her.

Help Baby Hazel to pack her bag

Hurry! Let us go to the Disneyland with Baby Hazel. It is going to be fun, but before that can you help Baby Hazel pack her bag? Pack delicious food, toys and accessories required for a day out. Dont forget to take her camera as it is required to capture all fun moments.

It is all fun in Disneyland

Finally, we are in Disneyland. Our cute little angel is so happy and excited that she cannot wait to complete activities. She wants to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse and to take variety of rides. She is thinking what will happen when she visits the horror house and also eager to capture the best moments to show them to friends. Help Baby Hazel to complete all activities. Don't forget to feed her something yummy whenever she wants a break from rides.

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