Baby Hazel Skin Trouble
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Whoops! Can you those small blisters on cutie Hazel's face. Hazel has got skin trouble. Mom calls up doctor for her princess daughter. For next few days Hazel can't have normal life and can't even touch things she loved till she gets rid of skin trouble. Her mom leaves no stone unturned while offering all the better thing s for her sweetie. It's really tough time for Hazel to go through this phase as she can't even play with little brother. She needs you at this moment. Be with her and offer her care and love till she gets well soon. Have fun!

Baby Hazel Realizes Blisters On Her Face

Its early morning and Baby Hazel is wake up and now gets ready. While getting fresh she realizes some red blisters on her face which scares through. Within spur of the moment she calls up mom and informs. Play this level to know what it is exactly.

Baby Hazel Takes Rest

OMG! Those blisters on Baby Hazel's face are symptoms of skin trouble. These are contagious and troublesome. Her mom takes her to the room and asks her to rest till doctor comes.

Baby Hazel Doctor Visits

The blisters are turning too itchy making Hazel touch it frequently. Doctor checks her and prescribes medicines. He also lists some precautions that should be taken off till she is entirely cured.

Baby Hazel Bathing Time

It's suggested to bath frequently when having suck kind of skin trouble. Help her mom to set the bathtub with colorful liquid soap. Use herbal soaps and gels for bathing as suggested by the doctor. Also convince little lass to bath by tempting her with toys. Get her ready after bath.

Baby Hazel Advised Rest

Baby hazel's mom asks her to avoid contact with Matt to avoid spreading of the disease. She has to play all alone. Keep motivating Hazel while going through this phase and then see for the smile she shares when she is completely alright.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.

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