Baby Hazel Game Videos

  • Mini Pizzas

Mini Pizzas

  • Ice lolly

  • Ice lolly

  • Shamrock Cake

  • Shamrock Cake

  • Baked Ziti

  • Baked Ziti

  • German Chocolate Cake

    German Chocolate Cak...

  • Alfajores


  • Baby Hazel Princess Dressup

    Baby Hazel Princess ...

  • Baby Hazel Postwoman Dressup

    Baby Hazel is excited live her dream of being a postwoman. Little princess has to deliver the let

    Baby Hazel Postwoman...

  • Italian Wedding Soup

    Today is first day of Smith's mom's restaurant inauguration. She wishes to serve special

    Italian Wedding Soup

  • Chocolate Torte

    Are you in the mood for something fabulous dessert? If yes, guess what?

    Chocolate Torte

  • Cake Decorating

    How exciting you to discover the wonderful dessert! This time you are ce

    Cake Decorating

  • Cheese Cupcakes

    Oreo cheese cake is a real treat for your mouth-watering tongue. Delight

    Cheese Cupcakes

  • Wedding Cake

    It is wedding season!! Hey Girls, get ready to make a very special cake today. Cake is the most i

    Wedding Cake

  • Strawberry Cheesecake

    Girls, are you ready for something really special? We have a new yummy cake recipe for you. Straw

    Strawberry Cheesecak...

  • Ice Cream Cake

    Ice cream cake is ice cream in the shape of a cake. Ice cream cake is often eaten at birthdays an

    Ice Cream Cake

  • Meatloaf Cake

    Today Jenny is making Meatloaf Cake which looks like a mango cake. As its April fool day, Jenny w

    Meatloaf Cake

  • Cheeseburger

    Cheeseburger is one of the most delicious and famous recipe in the world, specially in United Sta


  • French Onion Soup

    French onion soup is an onion soup based on beef broth or chicken stock or vegetable stock tradit

    French Onion Soup

  • Baking Apple Cake

    Make your dinner more delicious by serving spongy apple cake as a dessert. This yummy cake is eas

    Baking Apple Cake

  • Carrot Cake

    Hey girls! Are you ready to cook and taste something absolutely yummy? It's a carrot season a

    Carrot Cake

  • Flower Cupcakes

    Wow! To make vacation tastier and delicious, these two kids decide to experiment yummilicious rec

    Flower Cupcakes

  • Dango

    Last week when Jenny was on Japan trip she met a chef who has great cooking skills. She requested


  • Black Forest Cake

    Hey! Are you a fan of black forest cake? Well, if you are, then you surely love to play this cook

    Black Forest Cake

  • Chocolate Brownie Cake

    Oh mom is very happy today and she wants to surprise her kids by making yummy dessert for them. H

    Chocolate Brownie Ca...

  • Cream Cake

    It's mom's birthday and these two kids have decided to surprise

    Cream Cake

  • Rice Pudding

    Rice pudding is one of the scrumptious dish and is also easy to make. The dish needs few needful

    Rice Pudding

  • Caesar Salad

    Its time for dinner but dinner is incomplete without "Caesar Salad". Howeever, everyday

    Caesar Salad

  • Mini Pancakes

    Are you planning to surprise your dear ones by cooking something new and scrumptious for the week

    Mini Pancakes

  • Muffins

    Hello everyone! This time we will ask you some cooking questions and these questions will challen


  • Japanese Dumplings

    Japanese Dumplings is one of the most famous dish in Japan. A cute little girl wants to eat it so

    Japanese Dumplings

  • Easter Nest Cake

    Colors bring joyous in every one's life. What if these colors get into cake and make colorful

    Easter Nest Cake

  • Profiteroles

    Welcome to another great cooking game, girls! We have a great surprise for you. This time we are


  • Macaroni Salad

    Macaroni salad is a salad, served cold made with cooked elbow macaroni pasta and usually prepared

    Macaroni Salad

  • Mousse au Chocolat

    First find all the required ingredients you need and then starts cooking very tasty dessert "

    Mousse au Chocolat

  • Lasagna

    A cute little girl has promised her brother that she would surprise them with a delicious meal on


  • Eggplant Parmesan

    Girls!Do you like eggplant parmesan? Of course you do! This special Southern Italian dish is real

    Eggplant Parmesan

  • Chocolate Chips Cookies

    Hey girls, Are you chocolate cookies fan; Chocolate cookies are totally yummy and is a drop cooki

    Chocolate Chips Cook...

  • Pizza Cupcakes

    Yummy! As its vacation time, this young girl tries her hand in cooking. She is all set to prepare

    Pizza Cupcakes

  • Oatmeal Cookies

    Oatmeal cookies are very moist with a good flavor. This crisp and chewy cookie is loaded with oat

    Oatmeal Cookies

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    Mom is a big fan of the United Kingdom cuisine "Chicken Tikka Masala". She often eats o

    Chicken Tikka Masala

  • Gnocchi

    Gnocchi are various thick, soft dumplings. They made from flour and egg, cheese, potato, breadcru


  • Raclette

    The name Raclette refers to a meal and is a type of cheese with the same name. Raclette, the meal


  • Pad Thai Cooking

    "Pad Thai Cooking" is a Thailand traditional dish, highly appreciated all over the worl

    Pad Thai Cooking

  • Red Velvet Cupcakes

    Do you want to become a wonderful confectioner that everybody would praise and dot on? Do you lov

    Red Velvet Cupcakes

  • Pot Au Feu

    The pot au feu is a French beef stew. It is the most celebrated dish in France. It honors the tab

    Pot Au Feu

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

    Yeah!! Today is Julie's mom's birthday and she is at office and may arrive home little la

    Chocolate Peanut But...

  • Christmas Pretzels

    On this Christmas, give your family and friends a pretzels treat. Dipped in melted candies, toppe

    Christmas Pretzels

  • Tiramisu

    It is time to serve lovely desserts, tiramisu! Its just delicious! Tiramisu is a layered dessert,


  • Parfaits

    Whoopee!! It is Carol's birthday today. Karen and Smith celebrating Carol's birthday at h


  • New Year Confetti Cake

    There are few days left for New Year and this cute little girl has decided to surprise her family

    New Year Confetti Ca...

  • Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

    Christmas is on the way, and this young girl has wished something for Christmas. And the wish is,

    Gingerbread Christma...

  • Lemon Cake

    This Lemon Frosted Lemon Cake is one of my favorite pound cakes. It is a sweet and buttery cake w

    Lemon Cake

  • Cheesy Meat Balls

    Aww, Jack and his dad is so hungry and want to eat some cheese starter. So mom has decided to mak

    Cheesy Meat Balls

  • Fathers Day Quesadillas

    Today is Fathers Day. So, Ryan and Daisy want to treat their dad with some special food and thank

    Fathers Day Quesadil...

  • Zucchini Bites

    Amelia is happy to be at her granny`s place. A small backyard party is arranged, where Amelia and

    Zucchini Bites

  • Mothers Day Cake Pops

    'Mother' is the sweetest word in the world. Her love is kindled even by Divine Flame. Mot

    Mothers Day Cake Pop...

  • Valentine Day Lunch Box

    Yeah!!! Its Valentine Day, a day of love. Maria mom is very loving mom. Maria is getting rea

    Valentine Day Lunch ...

  • Buche De Noel

    Its moms' birthday and they have to make it special. She is very fond of French dessert and s

    Buche De Noel

  • Chicken Casserole

    Chicken casserole is easy to make and it's super tasty. This chicken casserole is made with c

    Chicken Casserole

  • Dark Chocolate Cake

    Everyone loves cakes and Anna too! Today she want to feast her mouth-watering tongue with delecta

    Dark Chocolate Cake

  • Banana Cake

    This is a very versatile and fast cake recipe. Not only is it moist and delicious, the same batte

    Banana Cake

  • Zucchini Bread

    A delicious zucchini bread is made with shredded zucchini, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and chopped

    Zucchini Bread

  • Kite Cake

    Jacob is flying kite with his best friend at his backyard beach. His mother plans to surprise the

    Kite Cake

  • Vegetable Lasagna

    Satisfy your craving for vegetable lasagna by preparing it at home. Layered and packed with veggi

    Vegetable Lasagna

  • Brownies

    A brownie is a flat, baked square or bar made from chocolate or cocoa powder. The brownie is a cr


  • Banana Bread

    This banana bread is moist and delicious with loads of banana flavor! Everyone love banana bread

    Banana Bread

  • Chocolate Cake

    Hey, girls! What about preparing a quick chocolate cake today? It has to be simply gorgeous and o

    Chocolate Cake

  • Panna Cotta

    Panna cotta serves as a delicious dessert for both summer and winter season. Mango-flavored panna

    Panna Cotta

  • Turkey Cake Pops

    Turkey cake pops are great Thanksgiving Day treats! Here is a simple recipe of Turkey cake pops f

    Turkey Cake Pops

  • Spooky Cupcakes

    Spooky cupcakes serve as a tasty recipe for Halloween Day. These cupcakes are loaded with cranber

    Spooky Cupcakes

  • Ice cream Sundae

    Sweaty weather with raised temperature has made Sophie uncomfortable. To beat the heat, she decid

    Ice cream Sundae

  • Pizza

    Hey pizza lovers! Yes, you guessed it's pizza time and today we are going to prep


  • Vegetable Soup

    Vegetable Soup is a very popular recipe. Vegetable soups are tasty and quick recipes too. You get

    Vegetable Soup

  • Homemade Ice Cream

    Barbie loves cooking. She is an expert in cooking, very creative and very much famous in the city

    Homemade Ice Cream

  • Truffles

    Barbi loves cooking. She is an expert in cooking, very creative and very much famous in the city.


  • Cupcakes

    Cupcake recipes are wonderful inventions that help us to create our favorite cupcakes.A cupcake i


  • Burger

    A burger is a sandwich consisting of a cooked patty of ground meat usually placed inside a sliced


  • Scalloped Potatoes

    In today's cooking game, you are going to have opportunity to learn how to prepare "Scal

    Scalloped Potatoes

  • Blanc Mange

    Barbie loves cooking. She is an expert in cooking, very creative and very much famous in the city

    Blanc Mange

  • Ice Cream

    Are you the excited to learn some of the best tasting recipes? What can be the best recipe than i

    Ice Cream

  • Banana Split

    Summer is almost here, girls! Did you notice? Spring is just a passing stage, like a colorful tea

    Banana Split

  • Fried Chicken

    Yum, yum! Girls, there is something really delicious waiting for you in this great cooking game!

    Fried Chicken

  • Sandwich Wraps

    Yummy! It`s time for munching yummy Sandwich Wraps. So ideal and easy to make, Sandwich Wraps fit

    Sandwich Wraps

  • Sushi Rolls

    From the word of culinary, we bring to you a great recipe of sushi roll. This yummy roll is easy

    Sushi Rolls

  • Cheese Casserole

    Mom is going to make surprise dish for her two little kids. She wants to make something cheesy. S

    Cheese Casserole

  • Cannelloni

    Today is Sunday and your whole family has sat down for the lunch. Well it's a tradition in yo


  • Gyros

    A Gyros is a recipe from Greek cuisine. Gyros is a dish of meat roasted on a vertical spit, gener


  • Pudding

    Do you like cooking, baking and making recipes? If so, you will love this new dessert game in whi


  • Chocolate Cream Cheese Bars

    Barbi loves cooking. She is an expert in cooking, very creative and very much famous in the city.

    Chocolate Cream Chee...

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Buffalo Chicken Dip is a delicious addition to any party or get-together. People will rave about

    Buffalo Chicken Dip

  • Green Bean Casserole

    Do you like cooking, baking and making recipes? If so, you will love this new cooking game in whi

    Green Bean Casserole

  • Sweet Potato Pie

    Sweet potato pie is a very popular dish and dessert in the Southern United States. It is most com

    Sweet Potato Pie

  • Candy Cake

    Serve your kids tasty and tempting candy cake on the occasion of Christmas. Topped with colorful

    Candy Cake

  • Bruschetta

    Need help with your party? Try these tasty and easy to prepare bruschetta recipe. Bruschetta is a


  • Chicken Marsala

    Chicken Marsala is a Franco-Italian dish made from chicken cutlets, mushrooms, and Marsala wine.

    Chicken Marsala

  • Pumpkin Muffins

    Pumpkin muffin recipe are made with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, brown sugar and pumpkin puree. A co

    Pumpkin Muffins

  • Creme Brulee

    Hazel's mom loves cooking. She is an expert in cooking, very creative and very much famous in

    Creme Brulee

  • Irish Stew

    Hazel's mom loves cooking. She is an expert in cooking, very creative and very much famous in

    Irish Stew

  • Guacamole

    Hazel's mom loves cooking. She is an expert in cooking, very creative and very much famous in


  • Lemon Maringue Pie

    Lemon meringue pie is a type of baked pie, usually served for dessert, made with a crust usually

    Lemon Maringue Pie

  • No Bake Cookies

    Hey girls, Do you like eating cookies? Who wants to try some really yummy and very healthy cookie

    No Bake Cookies

  • Italian Pasta Salad

    This is a great tasting salad with the taste of garden freshness. The olive oil vinegar combinati

    Italian Pasta Salad

  • Chicken Salad

    The chicken salad is a quick and easy recipe for dinner, lunch or a picnic. A tasty chicken salad

    Chicken Salad

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    Yorkshire Pudding is a dish that originated in Yorkshire, England. It is made from batter and usu

    Yorkshire Pudding

  • Pecan Pie

    Pecan pie is a pie made primarily of corn syrup or molasses and pecan nuts. It is popularly serve

    Pecan Pie

  • Baguette

    A Baguette is "a long thin loaf of French bread" that is commonly made from basic lean


  • Hummus

    Hummus is a Levantine Arab food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas, blended with ta


  • Broccoli Salad

    Broccoli salad recipe is great for a summer picnic, as part of a party buffet or just about any t

    Broccoli Salad

  • Jambalaya

    Jambalaya is a Louisiana Creole dish of Spanish and French.Jambalaya is traditionally made in thr


  • Monkey Bread

    Monkey bread is simple to make and delicious. Kids just love monkey bread. This recipe is a popul

    Monkey Bread

  • Mashed Potatoes

    This beatufiul young lady is very expert in cooking. As their village's traditional festival

    Mashed Potatoes

  • Banoffee Pie

    Banoffee pie is an English pastry-based dessert made from bananas, cream, toffee from boiled cond

    Banoffee Pie

  • Crepes

    A crepe is a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour. Crepes are served with a v


  • Blueberry Muffins

    Blueberry Muffins are delicious American snacks. Muffins refer to bread that is baked in small qu

    Blueberry Muffins

  • Fruit Salad

    Fruit Salad consists of various kinds of fruit with a different texture, taste, and color. This i

    Fruit Salad

  • Jack O Lantern Pizza

    A Jack O Lantern Pizza shaped like a pumpkin and designed with pepperonis and black olives to for

    Jack O Lantern Pizza

  • Almond And Apple Cake

    Hurray! Vacations have begun and Kids are at home. Seeing this Mom is very happy and wants to beg

    Almond And Apple Cak...

  • Pound Cake

    The name 'pound' was given to this cake because the original recipes contained one pound

    Pound Cake

  • Apple Dumplings

    Loaded with the sweetness of green apples and cinnamon flavor , apple dumplings are simply irresi

    Apple Dumplings

  • Fish and Chips

    Hazel has just arrived at her House from school. She is very tired and hungry. So she has request

    Fish and Chips

  • Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

    Hazel's mom loves cooking. She is an expert in cooking, very creative and very much famous in

    Smoked Salmon Sandwi...

  • Chocolate Fudge

    Hazel's mom loves cooking. She is an expert in cooking, very creative and very much famous in

    Chocolate Fudge

  • Petit Fours

    Petit fours are essentially miniature cakes and they can be made with a wide variety of flavors a

    Petit Fours

  • Omelette

    In cuisine, an omelet or omelet is a dish made from beaten eggs quickly cooked with butter or oil


  • Sweet Potato Fries

    So simple and delicious, these sweet potato fries are a great way to enjoy one of nature's mo

    Sweet Potato Fries

  • Panini

    Hazel's mom loves cooking. She is an expert in cooking, very creative and very much famous in


  • Strawberry Cake

    Strawberry Cake is a very delicious recipe. Learn how to make Strawberry Cake by following this e

    Strawberry Cake

  • Donuts

    A doughnut or donut is a popular dessert and breakfast food in North America and around the world


  • French Toast

    A lavish breakfast a perfect start of a perfect day! How does it feel my friends? Wake up to

    French Toast

  • Christmas Cake Pops

    Cake Pops are delightful little cakes on a stick that are as yummy as they are cute. A cake pop i

    Christmas Cake Pops

  • Quiche Lorraine

    Quiche lorraine is the classic quiche from the Lorraine region of eastern France. It makes a nice

    Quiche Lorraine

  • Pumpkin Soup

    Pumpkin soup is satisfying and warming and it is a wonderfully comforting soup to enjoy in the fa

    Pumpkin Soup

  • Christmas Cake

    Christmas is almost here and all we need is some exotic ideas for a perfect Christmas Party! This

    Christmas Cake

  • Pumpkin Ice Cream

    Have you ever tried Pumpkin Ice Cream? If not then you have missed the world`s yummiest ice cream

    Pumpkin Ice Cream

  • Pumpkin Cheese Cake

    Pumpkin cheesecake, loaded with delightful flavors is truly a delicious dessert. Prepare this tas

    Pumpkin Cheese Cake

  • Pepperoni Pizza

    The most popular pizza in America is " Pepperoni pizza" The Italian name for a pepperon

    Pepperoni Pizza

  • Couscous

    Couscous is a Berber dish of semolina traditionally served with a meat or vegetable stew and it i


  • Churros

    Hazel's mom loves cooking. She is an expert in cooking, very creative and very much famous in


  • Cassoulet

    Cassoulet is a rich, slow-cooked casserole originating in the south of France, containing meat (t


  • Tortas

    A torta is a popular Mexican sandwich. A Mexican torta is a big, delicious sandwich, served on a


  • Chicken Kabab Recipe

    Hazel is very much fond of Chicken Kebab. She loves it more when Chicken Kebab is served along wi

    Chicken Kabab Recipe

  • Baby Hazel Rapunzel Mini Games

    Explore a world of Rapunzel full of fun mini games. Come along to enjoy tons of fun games includi

    Baby Hazel Rapunzel ...

  • Baby Hazel Snow White Mini Games

    Enjoy playing different types of Snow White mini games packed with fun and adventure! Come along

    Baby Hazel Snow Whit...

  • Baby Hazel Plumber Dressup

    Baby Hazel is excited to style up for her new job as a plumber. With a wardrobe full latest colle

    Baby Hazel Plumber D...

  • Baby Hazel Business Tycoon Dressup

    It's time to give Baby Hazel a fabulous business tycoon makeover! Mix and match shirts, skirts, p

    Baby Hazel Business ...

  • Baby Hazel Zoologist Dressup

    Baby Hazel is all set to be a zoologist and learn all about animals! She will enjoy wildlife safa

    Baby Hazel Zoologist...

  • Baby Hazel Welder Dressup

    Baby Hazel is geared up with safety gears and helmet as she is preparing to be a welder! She need

    Baby Hazel Welder Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Waitress Dressup

    Baby Hazel is excited for her job as a waitress. She needs your help to pick a stylish uniform

    Baby Hazel Waitress ...

  • Baby Hazel Veterinarian Dressup

    Baby Hazel adores her pets and loves to take care of them. Now she wants to be a veterinarian. Is

    Baby Hazel Veterinar...

  • Baby Hazel Valentine Dressup

    It is Valentine's Day! Baby Hazel is excited to celebrate this season of love with her friends. D

    Baby Hazel Valentine...

  • Baby Hazel ThanksGiving Dressup

    It is Thanksgiving Day! Time for turkey, apple pie and loads of fun! Baby Hazel is very excited a

    Baby Hazel ThanksGiv...

  • Baby Hazel Swimmer Dressup

    Baby Hazel wants to spend her free time at swimming pool and beach, along with her friends and ha

    Baby Hazel Swimmer D...

  • Baby Hazel SuperGirl Dressup

    Baby Hazel as a supergirl is ready to fight the goons and set things right. So it's time to give

    Baby Hazel SuperGirl...

  • Baby Hazel Storywriter Dressup

    Did you know Baby Hazel has turned a storywriter and is excited to pen down some great stories and f

    Baby Hazel Storywrit...

  • Baby Hazel Skier Dressup

    Baby Hazel is at the snow park to enjoy some snowy activities. Little princess is excited to glid

    Baby Hazel Skier Dre...

  • Baby Hazel Singer Dressup

    Baby Hazel is all set to rock the stage and entertain the audience by singing songs! She needs a

    Baby Hazel Singer Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Security Dressup

    Baby Hazel wants to be a security officer! Pair the top or shirt with trendy pants, give matching pa

    Baby Hazel Security ...

  • Baby Hazel Scientist Dressup

    Make way for a cute little scientist, Baby Hazel! She is excited to do research and conduct new e

    Baby Hazel Scientist...

  • Baby Hazel Sailor Dressup

    Baby Hazel is fascinated by a sailor's life! Little princess needs your help to get ready for her

    Baby Hazel Sailor Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Runner Dressup

    Get Baby Hazel ready for the Preschool Sports Day! Mix and match track suits, t-shirts, knee pants,

    Baby Hazel Runner Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Royal Princess Dressup

    Baby Hazel wishes to be a royal princess. What if we fulfill this wish and dress her up in Prince

    Baby Hazel Royal Pri...

  • Baby Hazel Receptionist Dressup

    Baby Hazel needs your help to get ready for her job! Choose from tons of stylish outfits and acce

    Baby Hazel Reception...

  • Baby Hazel Potter Dressup

    Baby Hazel wants to learn pottery. But we need to let her dress in the right clothes. Help Baby H

    Baby Hazel Potter Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Police Dressup

    Baby Hazel wants to be a tough cop and bring some order and justice around. Let's help the kid by

    Baby Hazel Police Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Pirate Dressup

    Ahoy friends! Let's have some fun dressing Baby Hazel as a pirate! Choose from a quirky collectio

    Baby Hazel Pirate Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Pilot Dressup

    How about giving our darling Baby Hazel an astronaut or pilot makeover? Choice is yours! Have fun

    Baby Hazel Pilot Dre...

  • Baby Hazel Physiotherapist Dressup

    Enjoy dressing up darling Baby Hazel in physiotherapist-style costumes and accessories. Pick from

    Baby Hazel Physiothe...

  • Baby Hazel Photographer Dressup

    Baby Hazel is fond of taking pictures. Today, she is going out to take some lovely pictures and c

    Baby Hazel Photograp...

  • Baby Hazel Pharamacist Dressup

    Baby Hazel needs your help to get an awesome pharmacist makeover. Mix and match tops, jeans, pants,

    Baby Hazel Pharamaci...

  • Baby Hazel Optometrist Dressup

    Baby Hazel is all set to enjoy her dream profession as an optometrist. Soon the patients will start

    Baby Hazel Optometri...

  • Baby Hazel Musician Dressup

    What a lovely melody! Baby Hazel has been listening to a lot of songs these days and she wants to

    Baby Hazel Musician ...

  • Baby Hazel Mason Dressup

    It's time dress up our darling Baby Hazel in mason-style costumes and accessories. Choose from a

    Baby Hazel Mason Dre...

  • Baby Hazel Librarian Dressup

    Baby Hazel is a librarian at one of the most visited libraries in the town. Little princess needs a

    Baby Hazel Librarian...

  • Baby Hazel Lawyer Dressup

    Baby Hazel Lawyer Dressup is a fun and interactive dress up game for all the fashionistas. Here y

    Baby Hazel Lawyer Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Journalist Dressup

    Wohoo! Baby Hazel will be reporting for an event in a reputed news channel. She needs your help t

    Baby Hazel Journalis...

  • Baby Hazel Interior Dressup

    Baby Hazel is going to be an interior designer in a big company. As the representative of a reput

    Baby Hazel Interior ...

  • Baby Hazel Halloween Dressup

    It is halloween time and Baby Hazel wants to go for trick or treat. But wait...she is not wearing

    Baby Hazel Halloween...

  • Baby Hazel Hairstylist Dressup

    Baby Hazel has to run and manage a salon. It's her first day at the salon and she wants to look

    Baby Hazel Hairstyli...

  • Baby Hazel Gymnast Dressup

    It's time to give a gymnast makeover to Baby Hazel! There's a wide collection of sporty outfits a

    Baby Hazel Gymnast D...

  • Baby Hazel Gardener Dressup

    It is gardening time! Baby Hazel wants to plant some gorgeous plants in her garden. Can you help

    Baby Hazel Gardener ...

  • Baby Hazel FootBall Dressup

    Guess what, Baby Hazel is playing for a football tournament and she is super excited! She needs y

    Baby Hazel FootBall ...

  • Baby Hazel Flower Princess Dressup

    Enjoy and play this creative dress up game to give Baby Hazel a gorgeous flower princess makeover

    Baby Hazel Flower Pr...

  • Baby Hazel Florist Dressup

    Baby Hazel loves flowers as it radiates life and happiness! Baby Hazel wants to be a florist and is

    Baby Hazel Florist ...

  • Baby Hazel Firefighter Dressup

    Baby Hazel Firefighter is a fun and interactive dress up game for kids. Here you get a chance t

    Baby Hazel Firefight...

  • Baby Hazel Fashion Designer Dressup

    Our little fashionista, Baby Hazel has stepped into the shoes of fashion designer. She is all set

    Baby Hazel Fashion D...

  • Baby Hazel Farmer Dressup

    Cute Baby Hazel is going to the countryside to spend the weekend at her uncle’s farm. She can’t

    Baby Hazel Farmer Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Electrician Dressup

    It’s time to give Baby Hazel a stylish electrician makeover. She has to repair and maintain electr

    Baby Hazel Electrici...

  • Baby Hazel Easter Dressup

    Happy Easter! It's time to hunt eggs and dressup in bright clothes. Come on, help Hazel look pret

    Baby Hazel Easter Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Dressmaker Dressup

    Baby Hazel is excited to sew some trendy outfits for her customers. But before that she needs you

    Baby Hazel Dressmake...

  • Baby Hazel Detective Dressup

    Ssshhh...don't make noise as detective Baby Hazel is around! Our stylish detective, Hazel is a fa

    Baby Hazel Detective...

  • Baby Hazel Defense Officer Dressup

    It's time to give a fabulous defense officer makeover to Baby Hazel. An awesome collection of sty

    Baby Hazel Defense O...

  • Baby Hazel Chocolate Fairy Dressup

    Baby Hazel loves fairies. What fun if she gets to be Chocolate Fairy! Here, we will choose from e

    Baby Hazel Chocolate...

  • Baby Hazel Chef Dressup

    Dress up Baby Hazel in style! Darling Hazel has to participate in town's popular cookery show. Sh

    Baby Hazel Chef Dres...

  • Baby Hazel Cheerleader Dressup

    It's time for Baby Hazel to look gorgeous in cheerleader makeover. Pair the top with sporty mini

    Baby Hazel Cheerlead...

  • Baby Hazel Carpenter Dressup

    Baby Hazel is excited for her new job as a carpenter. She wants to look gorgeous at her work. Can yo

    Baby Hazel Carpenter...

  • Baby Hazel Boxer Dressup

    Mom has enrolled Baby Hazel in a boxing institute. Our little princess needs your help to get rea

    Baby Hazel Boxer Dre...

  • Baby Hazel Baseball Player Dressup

    Baby Hazel is truly a fashionista! She wants to look stylish even when she is playing a baseball.

    Baby Hazel Baseball ...

  • Baby Hazel Ballet Dressup

    It is ballet competition at school. Help Baby Hazel wear the best Ballet dancer attire. Choose th

    Baby Hazel Ballet Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Baker Dressup

    Baby Hazel wants to bake delicious cakes and cookies. But first, she needs to dress up in the pro

    Baby Hazel Baker Dre...

  • Baby Hazel Babysitter Dressup

    Baby Hazel has been appointed as a babysitter for a little baby! Guess what, Baby Hazel loves to

    Baby Hazel Babysitte...

  • Baby Hazel Astronaut Dressup

    Baby Hazel wants to touch the moon and stars. Yes, you guessed right. Baby Hazel wants to be the

    Baby Hazel Astronaut...

  • Baby Hazel As Tennis Dressup

    Baby Hazel has been playing a lot of tennis these days. She enjoys the fun, endurance and satisfact

    Baby Hazel As Tennis...

  • Baby Hazel As Teacher Dressup

    Baby Hazel has been wearing Mom's spectacles and imitating to be her favorite teacher. How about

    Baby Hazel As Teache...

  • Baby Hazel As Sculptor Dressup

    Baby Hazel has been learning how to carve some beautiful sculptures these days. But she doesen't

    Baby Hazel As Sculpt...

  • Baby Hazel As Museum Curator Dressup

    It’s time to give Baby Hazel a fabulous museum curator makeover. Show off your fashion skills and

    Baby Hazel As Museum...

  • Baby Hazel As Mechanic Dressup

    Gosh! Baby Hazel's car has broke down. And our little princess has to visit her friend's home for

    Baby Hazel As Mechan...

  • Baby Hazel As Magician Dressup

    Magic and Wonders! Baby Hazel is excited as she is going to perform as a magician today. Help her

    Baby Hazel As Magici...

  • Baby Hazel As Ice Princess Dressup

    How exciting it would be to be the princess! Let us grant the sweet wish of baby Hazel. Let's mak

    Baby Hazel As Ice Pr...

  • Baby Hazel As Doctor Dressup

    Dress up darling Baby Hazel in stylish doctor uniform and accessories. Give her good-looking stylish

    Baby Hazel As Doctor...

  • Baby Hazel As Dietician Dressup

    Baby Hazel wants to be a dietician and help people realize the importance to eat healthy and nutriti

    Baby Hazel As Dietic...

  • Baby Hazel As Dentist Dressup

    It's time to dress up Baby Hazel in dentist outfits and accessories. Choose from various nice-loo

    Baby Hazel As Dentis...

  • Baby Hazel As Christmas Dressup

    Ho Ho Ho! It is Christmas day. Baby Hazel is excited to decorate the Christmas tree and sing Chri

    Baby Hazel As Christ...

  • Baby Hazel As Chauffer Dressup

    Baby Hazel wants to drive her friends around the town. The adorable girl needs your help to get t

    Baby Hazel As Chauff...

  • Baby Hazel As Cashier Dressup

    Baby Hazel wants to look stylish at her job. Little princess is employed as a cashier in a repute

    Baby Hazel As Cashie...

  • Baby Hazel As Astronomer Dressup

    Baby Hazel is curious to know all about stars, planets and other celestial planets. Let us give w

    Baby Hazel As Astron...

  • Baby Hazel Artist Dressup

    Baby Hazel loves to draw and paint. Come, let's dress her up as an artist. Choose from the range

    Baby Hazel Artist Dr...

  • Baby Hazel Architect Dressup

    Baby Hazel is all set to be the architect. Dress her up appropriately so that she looks the best.

    Baby Hazel Architect...

  • Baby Hazel Archaeologist Dressup

    Baby Hazel is ready for an exciting adventure! She has got a job as an archaeologist and needs your

    Baby Hazel Archaeolo...

  • Baby Hazel Accountant Dressup

    Baby Hazel is nervous and also excited for her new job as an accountant. She will be practicing a

    Baby Hazel Accountan...

  • Baby Hazel Air Hostess Dressup

    Baby Hazel is ready to fly all around the world, as a air hostess. Our little princess wants to l

    Baby Hazel Air Hoste...

  • Baby Hazel Harvest Festival

    This season, celebrate a joyful Harvest Festival with Baby Hazel. Be with Baby Hazel to enjoy fun

    Baby Hazel Harvest F...

  • Baby Hazel Fairyland Ballet

    Guess what! Our darling Baby Hazel has got a chance to participate in Fairyland Ballet competitio

    Baby Hazel Fairyland...

  • Baby Hazel Dream World

    Be a friend to Baby Hazel and explore an amazing dream world full of surprises. Enjoy tons of fun

    Baby Hazel Dream Wor...

  • Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance 2

    Baby Hazel enjoyed learning ballet dance at the dance class. And guess what? Little princess is s

    Baby Hazel Ballerina...

  • Baby Hazel Bed Time

    Stars are twinkling in the sky and night seems beautiful in moonlight. Baby Hazel is now ready to

    Baby Hazel Bed Time

  • Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance

    Cheerful morning of Baby Hazel starts with surprise gifts. While having shower, she is given inte

    Baby Hazel Ballerina...

  • Little Mermaid Bubble Shooter

    Set your target, hit the bubbles and knock them down to rescue the mermaids. All the mermaids hav

    Little Mermaid Bubbl...

  • Baby Hazel Food Truck

    Baby Hazel Food Truck is an addictive time-management game for kids to play and enjoy. Show your

    Baby Hazel Food Truc...

  • Daily Fun Games

    It's time to play lots of fun games. Win lots of surprise treats and rewards by completing differ

    Daily Fun Games

  • Cinderella Princess Salon

    Princess Cinderella is a devoted follower of fashion! She never miss to look fabulous, be it a mo

    Cinderella Princess ...

  • Baby Hazel Frozen Adventure

    It's time to explore and have lots of fun in the magical frozen land along with Baby Hazel! While

    Baby Hazel Frozen Ad...

  • Baby Hazel Friends Forever

    Oh no! Some monsters have caged Baby Hazel\'s friends. She needs your help to rescue her friends

    Baby Hazel Friends F...

  • Baby Hazel Dressup World

    Baby Hazel is exciting to dress up for different professions! With ample of choice in trendy outf

    Baby Hazel Dressup W...

  • Baby Hazel Pet Hospital 2

    Baby Hazel needs your help to run and manage a pet hospital. She needs a vet in her hospital who

    Baby Hazel Pet Hospi...

  • Baby Hazel Hair Day

    Oh no! What has Matt done. He has squeezed a glue tube on Baby Hazel\'s head. Her hair have b

    Baby Hazel Hair Day

  • Baby Hazel Skin Trouble

    Whoops! Can you those small blisters on cutie Hazel\'s face. Hazel has got skin trouble. Mom

    Baby Hazel Skin Trou...

  • Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Makeover

    It\'s time to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Baby Hazel! On this special occasion, Hazel wan

    Baby Hazel Thanksgiv...

  • Baby Hazel in Disneyland

    Hooray! Baby Hazel\'s parents want to give her a memorable holiday treat, in the Disneyland! Ba

    Baby Hazel in Disney...

  • Baby Hazel in Preschool

    Today is Baby Hazel s first day at the preschool. Baby Hazel is in a playful mood and not interes

    Baby Hazel in Presch...

  • Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour

    Baby Hazel and her family plan a dolphin tour to explore the delightful world of dolphins. They e

    Baby Hazel Dolphin T...

  • Baby Hazel Winter Fashion

    Hurray! A Winter Fashion show is organized by Baby Hazel\'s preschool. Darling Hazel has to m

    Baby Hazel Winter Fa...

  • Baby Hazel Tomato Farming

    Its tomato farming time! Baby Hazel develops an interest to grow tomato plants in her kitchen gar

    Baby Hazel Tomato Fa...

  • Baby Hazel Laundry Time

    Surprisingly, Hazel is going to learn laundry wash today. Mom is going to teach the complete proc

    Baby Hazel Laundry T...

  • Baby Hazel Summer Fun

    Angry summer with high temperature has made Baby Hazel sweat. Burning sun can cause many skin pro

    Baby Hazel Summer Fu...

  • Baby Hazel Snow White Story

    Enjoy the story of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs with Baby Hazel! Snow White is exiled into the

    Baby Hazel Snow Whit...

  • Baby Hazel Flower Girl 2

    Baby Hazel is excited to be a Flower Girl at her Aunt's wedding. Go shopping with Hazel and help

    Baby Hazel Flower Gi...

  • Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 2

    Baby Hazel is excited to spend time with her newborn brother, Baby Matt. Let's join Hazel and hel

    Baby Hazel Newborn B...

  • Baby Hazel Magic Show

    Hurray! It\'s time to enjoy a Magic Show with Baby Hazel. Dress up Hazel in nice-looking outf

    Baby Hazel Magic Sho...

  • Baby Hazel Duck Life

    Baby Hazel is on cloud nine as she has three cute little duck pets now. The little princess is ex

    Baby Hazel Duck Life

  • Baby Hazel Cinderella Story

    Baby Hazel\'s unbelievable imaginations are delight to others. Join Hazel in her fantasy world an

    Baby Hazel Cinderell...

  • Baby Hazel Fluffy Cat

    Baby Hazel\'s world is full of surprises! Today, she found a little cat, Fluffy, who was badly in

    Baby Hazel Fluffy Ca...

  • Baby Hazel Summer Camp

    Hurray! Summer camp is organized by Baby Hazel’s preschool. Help little princess in packing

    Baby Hazel Summer Ca...

  • Baby Hazel Christmas Surprise

    Christmas time is here again! Baby Hazel and friends are eagerly waiting for Santa Claus to come

    Baby Hazel Christmas...

  • Baby Hazel Dinosaur Park

    It\'s holiday treat for Baby Hazel today! Hazel and her cousins have flown to visit the Dinos

    Baby Hazel Dinosaur ...

  • Baby Hazel Alien Friend

    A cute guest from space has arrived at Baby Hazel\'s door steps. It\'s an adorable little

    Baby Hazel Alien Fri...

  • Baby Hazel Halloween Night

    It\'s time to celebrate Halloween with Baby Hazel! Enjoy a memorable Halloween night with Haz

    Baby Hazel Halloween...

  • Baby Hazel Fashion Party

    Hurray! Baby Hazel and Matt are invited for their friend\'s birthday party. Fashion Show is t

    Baby Hazel Fashion P...

  • Baby Hazel Eye Care

    Baby Hazel is having infection in her eyes! She needs a quick medical treatment. Go along with Ha

    Baby Hazel Eye Care

  • Baby Hazel Pet Doctor

    Baby Hazel decides to play Pet Doctor game along with her cousin, Ashley. so. Let join the kids t

    Baby Hazel Pet Docto...

  • Baby Hazel Grandparents Day

    Hurray! Today is Grandparents\' Day. On this special occasion, Baby Hazel\'s preschool ha

    Baby Hazel Grandpare...

  • Baby Hazel Nature Explorer

    Hurray! Today Baby Hazel will be visiting the outskirts along with her cousin, Ashley. They have

    Baby Hazel Nature Ex...

  • Baby Hazel Learn Animals

    Today, Baby Hazel and friends will learn about animals and birds in their class. Let\'s join

    Baby Hazel Learn Ani...

  • Baby Hazel Tree House

    Baby Hazel has lost her ball in the Tree House. Let\'s join Baby Hazel to help in her in look

    Baby Hazel Tree Hous...

  • Baby Hazel Photoshoot

    It\'s photoshoot time for Baby Hazel! Uncle Adam is launching a Kids Fashion magazine. He has

    Baby Hazel Photoshoo...

  • Baby Hazel Family Picnic

    Hurray! There is a holiday treat for Baby Hazel! Hazel and family are going for a picnic. As mom

    Baby Hazel Family Pi...

  • Baby Hazel Friendship Day

    Baby Hazel and friends are excited to celebrate Friendship Day with their new friend, Kenny. Let\

    Baby Hazel Friendshi...

  • Baby Hazel Annual Day

    Wow! Annual Day is organized at Baby Hazel\'s preschool. Baby Hazel has decided to dress up i

    Baby Hazel Annual Da...

  • Baby Hazel Puppy Care

    Do you love puppies? Our Baby Hazel too loves her pet puppy, Bruno a lot. Today, she is in a mood

    Baby Hazel Puppy Car...

  • Baby Hazel Fairyland

    Hurray! Baby Hazel has got an excellent opportunity to explore the fairyland. A magician is ready

    Baby Hazel Fairyland

  • Baby Hazel Helping Time

    Baby Hazel adores her family a lot. Today she has decided to help her family members in completin

    Baby Hazel Helping T...

  • Baby Hazel Princess Makeover

    Do you enjoy listening to fairy tales? Baby Hazel enjoys reading a mystery princess book and star

    Baby Hazel Princess ...

  • Baby Hazel Fathers Day

    It\'s Father\'s Day today! Help Baby Hazel to make this day memorable for dad. Join dad and Hazel

    Baby Hazel Fathers D...

  • Baby Hazel Carnival Fair

    Grandpa has arranged a trip to Carnival Fair for Baby Hazel and Matt. Let\'s join the sibling

    Baby Hazel Carnival ...

  • Baby Hazel Daycare

    Today mom and dad will be out of town for some important work. So, mom will be dropping Baby Haze

    Baby Hazel Daycare

  • Baby Hazel Fashion Star

    It\'s time for Baby Hazel to get a celebrity makeover and act as a fashion star. Style up Hazel w

    Baby Hazel Fashion S...

  • Baby Hazel Musical Melody

    Time to play musical instruments! Go along with Baby Hazel to her music classroom and enjoy fun-f

    Baby Hazel Musical M...

  • Baby Hazel Sports Day

    Annual Sports Day is organized at Baby Hazel\'s preschool! Can you help her in practicing for

    Baby Hazel Sports Da...

  • Baby Hazel Cooking Time

    It\'s time for Baby Hazel to explore her cooking skills! Baby Hazel is hungry and mom is not

    Baby Hazel Cooking T...

  • Baby Hazel Sibling Surprise

    Baby Hazel is very fond of her little brother Matt. She is anxious to keep him happy. As Hazel is

    Baby Hazel Sibling S...

  • Baby Hazel Spa Makeover

    Baby Hazel is invited for Kayla\'s birthday party. Help mom to give a great home spa treatmen

    Baby Hazel Spa Makeo...

  • Baby Hazel Gums Treatment

    Maintaining good oral hygiene is very important for healthy gums and teeth! Mom is getting Matt a

    Baby Hazel Gums Trea...

  • Baby Hazel Pet Hospital

    Baby Hazel and friends are enjoying their weekend in the park along with their pet animals. Oh no

    Baby Hazel Pet Hospi...

  • Baby Hazel Siblings Day

    Enjoy celebrating Siblings Day with Baby Hazel and Matt! Help the little ones to create gifts fo

    Baby Hazel Siblings ...

  • Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination

    Today Baby Matt has to get vaccinated. Little Hazel is little worried as she will first time see

    Baby Hazel Newborn V...

  • Baby Hazel Spring Time

    Lovely spring season has arrived! Garden is full of colorful flowers with beautiful butterflies

    Baby Hazel Spring Ti...

  • Baby Hazel St Patrick Day

    Enjoy St. Patrick\'s Day with Baby Hazel and her friends!! Help the kids in decorating their

    Baby Hazel St Patric...

  • Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun

    It\'s time to have some fun in kitchen with Baby Hazel! Today Baby Hazel has to take care of

    Baby Hazel Kitchen F...

  • Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise

    Hurray! Santa Claus has given his reindeer to Baby Hazel for a few days. Let's join Hazel to

    Baby Hazel Reindeer ...

  • Baby Hazel Spa Bath

    Let us pamper our darling Baby Hazel by giving her a relaxing Spa bath. First step is to grab all

    Baby Hazel Spa Bath

  • Baby Hazel Science Fair

    Baby Hazel and her friends are excited about the Science Fair. They have to make a science model

    Baby Hazel Science F...

  • Baby Hazel Learn Seasons

    Its seasons learning time for Baby Hazel! Yes, today darling Hazel will learn about four differe

    Baby Hazel Learn Sea...

  • Baby Hazel NewYear Bash

    Hurray! Uncle John has invited Baby Hazel and her family for New Year celebrations at the Ice Cas

    Baby Hazel NewYear B...

  • Baby Hazel Christmas Dream

    Enjoy Christmas fun with Baby Hazel! Join Baby Hazel and Santa to complete festive preparation. F

    Baby Hazel Christmas...

  • Baby Hazel Pumpkin Party

    Baby Hazel\'s friend Jasmine plans to throw a Pumpkin Party for all her friends. As Jasmine i

    Baby Hazel Pumpkin P...

  • Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Fun

    Hurray! Baby Hazel and family are visiting her grandparents\' home for Thanksgiving Day celeb

    Baby Hazel Thanksgiv...

  • Baby Hazel Birthday Party

    Hurray! Baby Hazel is celebrating her 3rd birthday. Let us join Hazel to enjoy dancing, feasting

    Baby Hazel Birthday ...

  • Baby Hazel Garden Party

    Yippee! Baby Hazel plans to host a Garden Party for her friends. But Hazel cannot set everything

    Baby Hazel Garden Pa...

  • Baby Hazel Halloween Castle

    On eve of Halloween Day, Baby Hazel\'s teacher has arranged a trip to Halloween castle. The c

    Baby Hazel Halloween...

  • Baby Hazel Halloween Crafts

    Hurray! Baby Hazel\'s school is celebrating Halloween crafts making day. Teacher has asked al

    Baby Hazel Halloween...

  • Baby Hazel Hand Fracture

    Baby Hazel got slipped while climbing up the table. Oh no! She is crying in pain as her hand is f

    Baby Hazel Hand Frac...

  • Baby Hazel Beach Party

    Beach party time! Hazel\'s cousins have invited Baby Hazel for the beach party. Our darling p

    Baby Hazel Beach Par...

  • Baby Hazel Swimming Time

    Wow! Time for Baby Hazel to learn swimming. Uncle James had promised Hazel to give her swimming

    Baby Hazel Swimming ...

  • Baby Hazel Preschool Picnic

    Baby Hazel is very much excited as her school has announced a picnic to water park. She has to pa

    Baby Hazel Preschool...

  • Baby Hazel Sibling Care

    Its really great fun to spend time with our sibling. Today, Baby Hazel spends ample of time with

    Baby Hazel Sibling C...

  • Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene

    Its high time for Baby Hazel to learn the importance of bathroom hygiene. If proper hygiene stand

    Baby Hazel Bathroom ...

  • Baby Hazel Learns Colors

    Color time for Baby Hazel! Today our darling Hazel will learn to identify different colors throug

    Baby Hazel Learns Co...

  • Baby Hazel School Hygiene

    Good hygiene practices prevents the spreading of germs. So mom teaches baby Hazel the basic hygie

    Baby Hazel School Hy...

  • Baby Hazel Fancy Dress

    Baby Hazel is too excited to participate in fancy dress competition held at her school. To dress

    Baby Hazel Fancy Dre...

  • Baby Hazel Royal Bath

    In these days Mom is busy caring and playing with Baby Matt. This has made our darling Hazel lon

    Baby Hazel Royal Bat...

  • Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble

    Hurray! It\'s a mischief making day for baby Hazel. She and her brother Matt are attended by

    Baby Hazel Sibling T...

  • Baby Hazel Parrot Care

    Yippee! Baby Hazel is on cloud nine as she has got a new pet, a parrot in her home. She tries to

    Baby Hazel Parrot Ca...

  • Baby Hazel Granny House

    Wow! Baby hazel\'s vacation is full of surprise. Today she is going to her granny\'s hous

    Baby Hazel Granny Ho...

  • Baby Hazel Learns Manners

    Its parents who are child\'s first teachers and this apply for little Hazel too. As she is gr

    Baby Hazel Learns Ma...

  • Baby Hazel Kite Flying

    Baby Hazel is eager to participate in Kites festival along with her dad and friends. She has to l

    Baby Hazel Kite Flyi...

  • Baby Hazel Tea Party

    Wow! Darling Hazel has woke up early in the morning as she has to arrange Tea Party for her frien

    Baby Hazel Tea Party

  • Baby Hazel Mothers Day

    Like any other kid, Baby Hazel loves her Mom very much. So, this year she wants to surprise Mom o

    Baby Hazel Mothers D...

  • Baby Hazel First Rain

    Lets enjoy Baby Hazel's first rain with her friend and Bunny the hare. Oh no! Calm her down as sh

    Baby Hazel First Rai...

  • Baby Hazel Pet Party

    Oh, Baby Hazel\'s pets are in poor mood. Baby Hazel is left in the question how to cheer them up,

    Baby Hazel Pet Party

  • Baby Hazel Doctor Play

    Baby Hazel is goes to a mall for shopping with her mother. She buys a doctor play set. But sudden

    Baby Hazel Doctor Pl...

  • Baby Hazel Easter Fun

    Hurray! It\'s Easter Sunday. Baby hazel is eggs-tremely excited as she will be participating

    Baby Hazel Easter Fu...

  • Baby Hazel Earth Day

    Baby Hazel needs to know the importance of how to maintain environment. As its World Earth Day\&#

    Baby Hazel Earth Day

  • Baby Hazel Cleaning Time

    Baby Hazel is growing fast and now understands the importance of cleanliness for better lifestyle

    Baby Hazel Cleaning ...

  • Baby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure

    Baby Hazel is on a cruise and having fun swimming and dancing. Then she sees a light house from h

    Baby Hazel Lighthous...

  • Baby Hazel Farm Tour

    This time Hazel is at her uncle\'s farm. She loves animals and to work at the farm. Play this gam

    Baby Hazel Farm Tour

  • Baby Hazel Winter Fun

    Its winter! There\'s snow fall outside. It\'s chilling! Our lovely Baby Hazel wants to ma

    Baby Hazel Winter Fu...

  • Baby Hazel African Safari

    Baby Hazel and her parents along with Bruno have gone on holiday to South Africa. After experienc

    Baby Hazel African S...

  • Baby Hazel Leg Injury

    Baby Hazel and her pet Bruno are playing in the backyard. Oops! Hazel falls down, to her surpri

    Baby Hazel Leg Injur...

  • Baby Hazel Learns Vehicles

    Wow! Baby Hazel is very excited as it\'s her first day to school. It\'s time for little Hazel t

    Baby Hazel Learns Ve...

  • Baby Hazel Valentines Day

    Yuppie! It\'s Valentine\'s Day. It\'s the season of love and romance. Baby Hazel is k

    Baby Hazel Valentine...

  • Baby Hazel Flower Girl

    Wow! Baby Hazel\'s Aunt Lisa is getting married and in her wedding she wants Baby Hazel to be h

    Baby Hazel Flower Gi...

  • Baby Hazel Mischief Time

    Yeah!!! Baby Hazel is in roguish mood! She has finally got some lonesome time to enjoy. In her

    Baby Hazel Mischief ...

  • Baby Hazel Birthday Surprise

    Wow! Baby Hazel is in a playful mood and is busy pampering her pets, Katy & Bunny. Baby Hazel

    Baby Hazel Birthday ...

  • Baby Hazel New Year Party

    Baby Hazel and her mom host New Year eve party for her friends. Help Baby Hazel to dress up and g

    Baby Hazel New Year ...

  • Baby Hazel Stomach Care

    Our Baby Hazel is suffering from stomachache due to ill food eating habits. Instead of eating mom

    Baby Hazel Stomach C...

  • Baby Hazel Christmas Time

    Merry Christmas everyone! Today, Baby Hazel is celebrating Christmas along with her friends, Bell

    Baby Hazel Christmas...

  • Baby Hazel Dining Manners

    As Baby Hazel is growing up, it`s time for her to learn one more important lesson, Dining manners

    Baby Hazel Dining Ma...

  • Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Day

    Baby Hazel is all set to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. She is more excited because Baby Hazel\'

    Baby Hazel Thanksgiv...

  • Baby Hazel Halloween Party

    Baby Hazel and her friends are going to have great time in Halloween party. They are dressed in w

    Baby Hazel Halloween...

  • Baby Hazel Goldfish

    Wow!! Baby Hazel is happy to possess a goldfish which luckily fells from stork\'s beak in the

    Baby Hazel Goldfish

  • Baby Hazel Dental Care

    Baby Hazel is fond of candies and lollypops. We all know consuming excess of candies can cause de

    Baby Hazel Dental Ca...

  • Baby Hazel Playdate

    Baby Hazel is going for a playdate to Jake\'s house. This occasion is planned by their mothers a

    Baby Hazel Playdate

  • Baby Hazel Gingerbread House

    Christmas bells are ringing! Our darling Baby Hazel had a dream in which gingerbread man has aske

    Baby Hazel Gingerbre...

  • Baby Hazel Newborn Baby

    Baby hazel is on seventh sky! She is very excited about newly arrived member in her family, and t

    Baby Hazel Newborn B...

  • Baby Hazel Backyard Party

    Baby Hazel was busy watching her favorite TV show, suddenly she got an idea of backyard party. Sh

    Baby Hazel Backyard ...

  • Baby Hazel Crafts Time

    It's time for Baby Hazel to show and share her creative skills. Today Baby Hazel is working o

    Baby Hazel Crafts Ti...

  • Baby Hazel Naughty Cat

    Meow! Baby Hazel's little cat is becoming too notorious these days. Hazel is very fond of her

    Baby Hazel Naughty C...

  • Baby Hazel Hair Care

    Baby Hazel long hairs are really tough to manage. Moreover, improper hair care has resulted dandr

    Baby Hazel Hair Care

  • Baby Hazel Brushing Time

    A beautiful morning is welcomed by a bright sun. Starting a day without proper dental care is unh

    Baby Hazel Brushing ...

  • Baby Hazel Pet Care

    As Baby Hazel opened the gate to enter her home, she found something lovely! It is a snow-white

    Baby Hazel Pet Care

  • Baby Hazel Fishing Time

    Yuppie! It is time to go fishing! Today Baby Hazel's uncle is going to take our little angel for

    Baby Hazel Fishing T...

  • Baby Hazel Hygiene Care

    For a good health, hygiene care is very important. Our Hazel is small and we need to teach her im

    Baby Hazel Hygiene C...

  • Baby Hazel at Beach

    Hurray! This vacation Baby Hazel is glad to be gifted with a beach treat from her mom and dad. Ha

    Baby Hazel at Beach

  • Baby Hazel Learns Shapes

    Home is believed to be the first school of learning for children. Baby Hazel is growing and she n

    Baby Hazel Learns Sh...

  • Baby Hazel Gardening Time

    Gardening is truly a great fun! Baby Hazel has lot of interest in gardening and wishes to grow s

    Baby Hazel Gardening...

  • Baby Hazel In Kitchen

    Little Hazel turns to be chef today and wants to try her hand in cooking. Enjoy shopping utensils

    Baby Hazel In Kitche...

  • Baby Hazel Skin Care

    Winter is most awaited season by kids as they get a chance to play with snow. Baby Hazel too love

    Baby Hazel Skin Care

  • Baby Hazel Funtime

    Baby Hazel enjoyed a nightlong sleep with sweet dreams. She woke up happily this morning and read

    Baby Hazel Funtime

  • Baby Hazel Goes Sick

    It\'s bright sun outside but our cheerful Baby Hazel, who always wake up early morning is sti

    Baby Hazel Goes Sick