Learning Games

One can never stop learning! Come, join and explore these amazing games with Baby Hazel, as she learns and understands a world of new things.

  • Baby Hazel Earth Day

    Baby Hazel needs to know the importance of how to maintain environment. As its World Earth Day\',

    Baby Hazel Earth Day

  • Baby Hazel Learns Manners

    Its parents who are child\'s first teachers and this apply for little Hazel too. As she is grown

    Baby Hazel Learns Ma...

  • Baby Hazel Learns Colors

    Color time for Baby Hazel! Today our darling Hazel will learn to identify different colors throu

    Baby Hazel Learns Co...

  • Baby Hazel Learn Seasons

    Its seasons learning time for Baby Hazel! Yes, today darling Hazel will learn about four differe

    Baby Hazel Learn Sea...

  • Baby Hazel Learn Animals

    Today, Baby Hazel and friends will learn about animals and birds in their class. Let\'s join the

    Baby Hazel Learn Ani...

  • Baby Hazel Nature Explorer

    Hurray! Today Baby Hazel will be visiting the outskirts along with her cousin, Ashley. They have

    Baby Hazel Nature Ex...

  • Baby Hazel Tomato Farming

    Its tomato farming time! Baby Hazel develops an interest to grow tomato plants in her kitchen ga

    Baby Hazel Tomato Fa...

  • Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance 2

    Baby Hazel enjoyed learning ballet dance at the dance class. And guess what? Little princess is s

    Baby Hazel Ballerina...

  • Baby Hazel Gardening Time

    Gardening is truly a great fun! Baby Hazel has lot of interest in gardening and wishes to grow s

    Baby Hazel Gardening...

  • Baby Hazel Learns Shapes

    Home is believed to be the first school of learning for children. Baby Hazel is growing and she n

    Baby Hazel Learns Sh...

  • Baby Hazel Hygiene Care

    For a good health, hygiene care is very important. Our Hazel is small and we need to teach her i

    Baby Hazel Hygiene C...

  • Baby Hazel Laundry Time

    Surprisingly, Hazel is going to learn laundry wash today. Mom is going to teach the complete pro

    Baby Hazel Laundry T...

  • Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance

    Cheerful morning of Baby Hazel starts with surprise gifts. While having shower, she is given int

    Baby Hazel Ballerina...

  • Baby Hazel Learns Vehicles

    Wow! Baby Hazel is very excited as it\'s her first day to school. It\'s time for little Hazel t

    Baby Hazel Learns Ve...

  • Baby Hazel Farm Tour

    This time Hazel is at her uncle\'s farm. She loves animals and to work at the farm. Play this gam

    Baby Hazel Farm Tour

  • Baby Hazel Swimming Time

    Wow! Time for Baby Hazel to learn swimming. Uncle James had promised Hazel to give her swimming

    Baby Hazel Swimming ...