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Can't get enough of Baby Hazel games? Well then, you have come to the right place. Explore these different types of Baby Hazel games and have amazing fun!

  • Baby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure

    Baby Hazel is on a cruise and having fun swimming and dancing. Then she sees a light house from h

    Baby Hazel Lighthous...

  • Baby Hazel Cleaning Time

    Baby Hazel is growing fast and now understands the importance of cleanliness for better lifestyle

    Baby Hazel Cleaning ...

  • Baby Hazel Granny House

    Wow! Baby hazel\'s vacation is full of surprise. Today she is going to her granny\'s house for th

    Baby Hazel Granny Ho...

  • Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Fun

    Hurray! Baby Hazel and family are visiting her grandparents\' home for Thanksgiving Day celebrat

    Baby Hazel Thanksgiv...

  • Baby Hazel Christmas Dream

    Enjoy Christmas fun with Baby Hazel! Join Baby Hazel and Santa to complete festive preparation.

    Baby Hazel Christmas...

  • Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise

    Hurray! Santa Claus has given his reindeer to Baby Hazel for a few days. Let�s join Hazel t

    Baby Hazel Reindeer ...

  • Baby Hazel St Patrick's Day

    Enjoy St. Patrick\'s Day with Baby Hazel and her friends!! Help the kids in decorating their roo

    Baby Hazel St Patric...

  • Baby Hazel Spring Time

    Lovely spring season has arrived! Garden is full of colorful flowers with beautiful butterflies

    Baby Hazel Spring Ti...

  • Baby Hazel Helping Time

    Baby Hazel adores her family a lot. Today she has decided to help her family members in completin

    Baby Hazel Helping T...

  • Baby Hazel Fairyland

    Hurray! Baby Hazel has got an excellent opportunity to explore the fairyland. A magician is ready

    Baby Hazel Fairyland

  • Baby Hazel Family Picnic

    Hurray! There is a holiday treat for Baby Hazel! Hazel and family are going for a picnic. As mom

    Baby Hazel Family Pi...

  • Baby Hazel Tree House

    Baby Hazel has lost her ball in the Tree House. Let\'s join Baby Hazel to help in her in looking

    Baby Hazel Tree Hous...

  • Baby Hazel Alien Friend

    A cute guest from space has arrived at Baby Hazel\'s door steps. It\'s an adorable little alien.

    Baby Hazel Alien Fri...

  • Baby Hazel Dinosaur Park

    It\'s holiday treat for Baby Hazel today! Hazel and her cousins have flown to visit the Dinosaur

    Baby Hazel Dinosaur ...

  • Baby Hazel Summer Camp

    Hurray! Summer camp is organized by Baby Hazel’s preschool. Help little princess in packing all

    Baby Hazel Summer Ca...

  • Baby Hazel Cinderella Story

    Baby Hazel\'s unbelievable imaginations are delight to others. Join Hazel in her fantasy world an

    Baby Hazel Cinderell...

  • Baby Hazel Magic Show

    Hurray! It\'s time to enjoy a Magic Show with Baby Hazel. Dress up Hazel in nice-looking outfits

    Baby Hazel Magic Sho...

  • Baby Hazel Flower Girl 2

    Baby Hazel is excited to be a Flower Girl at her Aunt's wedding. Go shopping with Hazel and help

    Baby Hazel Flower Gi...

  • Baby Hazel Snow White Story

    Enjoy the story of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs with Baby Hazel! Snow White is exiled into the

    Baby Hazel Snow Whit...

  • Baby Hazel Winter Fashion

    Hurray! A Winter Fashion show is organized by Baby Hazel\'s preschool. Darling Hazel has to make

    Baby Hazel Winter Fa...

  • Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour

    Baby Hazel and her family plan a dolphin tour to explore the delightful world of dolphins. They

    Baby Hazel Dolphin T...

  • Baby Hazel in Disneyland

    Hooray! Baby Hazel\'s parents want to give her a memorable holiday treat, in the Disneyland! Ba

    Baby Hazel in Disney...

  • Baby Hazel Friends Forever

    Oh no! Some monsters have caged Baby Hazel\'s friends. She needs your help to rescue her friends

    Baby Hazel Friends F...

  • Baby Hazel Frozen Adventure

    It's time to explore and have lots of fun in the magical frozen land along with Baby Hazel! While

    Baby Hazel Frozen Ad...

  • Daily Fun Games

    It's time to play lots of fun games. Win lots of surprise treats and rewards by completing differ

    Daily Fun Games

  • Baby Hazel Food Truck

    Baby Hazel Food Truck is an addictive time-management game for kids to play and enjoy. Show your

    Baby Hazel Food Truc...

  • Little Mermaid Bubble Shooter

    Set your target, hit the bubbles and knock them down to rescue the mermaids. All the mermaids hav

    Little Mermaid Bubbl...

  • Baby Hazel Harvest Festival

    This season, celebrate a joyful Harvest Festival with Baby Hazel. Be with Baby Hazel to enjoy fu

    Baby Hazel Harvest F...

  • Baby Hazel In Kitchen

    Little Hazel turns to be chef today and wants to try her hand in cooking. Enjoy shopping utensils

    Baby Hazel In Kitche...

  • Baby Hazel at Beach

    Hurray! This vacation Baby Hazel is glad to be gifted with a beach treat from her mom and dad. H

    Baby Hazel at Beach

  • Baby Hazel Fishing Time

    Yuppie! It is time to go fishing! Today Baby Hazel's uncle is going to take our little angel for

    Baby Hazel Fishing T...

  • Baby Hazel Gingerbread House

    Christmas bells are ringing! Our darling Baby Hazel had a dream in which gingerbread man has ask

    Baby Hazel Gingerbre...

  • Baby Hazel Playdate

    Baby Hazel is going for a playdate to Jake\'s house. This occasion is planned by their mothers a

    Baby Hazel Playdate

  • Baby Hazel Cooking Time

    It\'s time for Baby Hazel to explore her cooking skills! Baby Hazel is hungry and mom is not at h

    Baby Hazel Cooking T...

  • Baby Hazel Mischief Time

    Yeah!!! Baby Hazel is in roguish mood! She has finally got some lonesome time to enjoy. In her

    Baby Hazel Mischief ...

  • Baby Hazel Flower Girl

    Wow! Baby Hazel\'s Aunt Lisa is getting married and in her wedding she wants Baby Hazel to be h

    Baby Hazel Flower Gi...

  • Baby Hazel Fancy Dress

    Baby Hazel is too excited to participate in fancy dress competition held at her school. To dress

    Baby Hazel Fancy Dre...

  • Baby Hazel African Safari

    Baby Hazel and her parents along with Bruno have gone on holiday to South Africa. After experie

    Baby Hazel African S...

  • Baby Hazel Doctor Play

    Baby Hazel is goes to a mall for shopping with her mother. She buys a doctor play set. But sudden

    Baby Hazel Doctor Pl...

  • Baby Hazel Kite Flying

    Baby Hazel is eager to participate in Kites festival along with her dad and friends. She has to lear

    Baby Hazel Kite Flyi...

  • Baby Hazel First Rain

    Lets enjoy Baby Hazel's first rain with her friend and Bunny the hare. Oh no! Calm her down as sh

    Baby Hazel First Rai...