Doctor Games

Oh no Doctor ! Baby Hazel is sick. Become a Doctor by playing these fun games to treat Hazel from her worries and put a smile back on her face.

  • Baby Hazel Gums Treatment

    Maintaining good oral hygiene is very important for healthy gums and teeth! Mom is getting Matt

    Baby Hazel Gums Trea...

  • Baby Hazel Skin Trouble

    Whoops! Can you those small blisters on cutie Hazel\'s face. Hazel has got skin trouble. Mom call

    Baby Hazel Skin Trou...

  • Baby Hazel Dental Care

    Baby Hazel is fond of candies and lollypops. We all know consuming excess of candies can cause d

    Baby Hazel Dental Ca...

  • Baby Hazel Stomach Care

    Our Baby Hazel is suffering from stomachache due to ill food eating habits. Instead of eating mom

    Baby Hazel Stomach C...

  • Baby Hazel Leg Injury

    Baby Hazel and her pet Bruno are playing in the backyard. Oops! Hazel falls down, to her surpri

    Baby Hazel Leg Injur...

  • Baby Hazel Goes Sick

    It\'s bright sun outside but our cheerful Baby Hazel, who always wake up early morning is still

    Baby Hazel Goes Sick

  • Baby Hazel Hand Fracture

    Baby Hazel got slipped while climbing up the table. Oh no! She is crying in pain as her hand is

    Baby Hazel Hand Frac...

  • Baby Hazel Eye Care

    Baby Hazel is having infection in her eyes! She needs a quick medical treatment. Go along with Ha

    Baby Hazel Eye Care